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Welcome to my website

I’ve been keeping and breeding scorpions since 2011.
Already as a child I always wanted to have a scorpion, but only because my sign is scorpion. Meanwhile I know that also my ascendant is scorpion, so maybe it was my destiny to occupy myself with these animals. But only marginally, I don’t believe in such things, but it’s funny, isn’t it? :-)

1.0 H.gentili ´Ziz` adult

In 2011 I got my first scorpion, a P.imperator. At that time I didn’t know how many different and fascinating species there were! So today, with a few exceptions, I hold only semi-/arid scorpions in all kinds of colours and from big to very tiny species. I love to observe, photograph and film them in all situations in life. At the same time as my hobby, the reference to (macro)photography became bigger and bigger, so that I rebuilt my scorpion room to make room for a small photo studio.

A little note from recurring occasions, to avoid later surprises:
I am a woman :-)


update september 2020 :  I have to rebuild my room again because of the new law, that will come in 2021 in my town.
Additionally I will get a business license and will do whatever I have to do to save my passion: Keeping and breeding all Species I want.