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1.0 Nebo yemenensis adult

1.0 Nebo yemenensis adult

The female is already waiting – in 3 weeks I will mate them.

Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

B.jacksoni dark morph

This is one of my favorite scorpion species, the warm brown color and its matte appearance is amazing


0.1 A.mauritanicus adult

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Buthus draa 0.1 adult


1.1 P.villosus black mating


1.1 P.schlechteri mating


H.buchariensis with two heads

When separating the latest H. buchariensis brood, I noticed one baby running around with a pedipalp in its mouth, and I thought, they are eating each other because I have given to less food!
Then I was wondering why its carapace looks so wide at the front….
After a third view I saw the reality – it was no pedipalp from another scorpion, it belongs to this scorpion.
Look what nature has done …. a little bit freaky, isn´t it?

I had a look at the pictures I took from the mother with i1
and found the little one.

Please pray to god that it will survive and grow up!



Video: H.tamulus brood molting to i2


H.tamulus brood molting to i2

The brood is molting on the mothers back to i2. That is really an amazing show :-)


Sweet little family

0.0.xx H.tamulus ‚gangeticus‘

First tamulus female gave birth. Easter surprise ;-)