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H.Jayakari litter

Jade mit i2

Video 0.1 C.bicolor molting to adulthood

Hamm 4th june 2016

Hamm show was great this time – we had a nice place this time.
Wondering if we can have it next time too.
If you wanna be a part of the scorpion.community, feel free to register :-)


New entry: Uroplectes otjimbinguensis

2016-05-12 20.23.16

New entry: Opisthacantus capensis

2016-05-12 20.22.12

0.1 H.franzwerneri i7

First franzwerneri girl molted to i7!

The boy is waiting. In nearly 2 weeks they can dance together ;-)

2016-03-31 22.52.30

molting slideshow of 0.1 H.j.salei

1.1 H.j.salei


Dinner :-)

0.1 P.villosus oranje


0.1 C.bicolor molt

2016-03-06 01.39.37

Another molt on a sunday

It seems that my scorpions understand now – they have to molt on a sunday when I have the time to film it; -p


Macro Shots H.j.salei molting


0.1 H.j.salei molting to adulthood

This is the Lady which molted last sunday. I could shoot many great pics.


0.1 H.j.salei molting to adulthood

What a good girl!
0.1 H.j.salei is molting today on a sunday to adulthood, where I have enough time to film the whole molt and can take macro shots and macro videos.


P.villosus oranje under blacklight

One more blacklight pic today. After the molt four days ago the cuticula is getting harder and the scorpion begins to glow under the light.

freshly molted under blacklight

C.bicolor which molted yesterday. The cuticula is not glowing under blacklight. In the next days it will glow more and more when the cuticula is getting harder.

2016-02-09 19.14.43

0.1 C.bicolor molt to adult

Yesterday I said I think that this nice girl will molt in a few days – today she did ;-)
This species is looking amazing when freshly molted, isn´t it?


C.bicolor premolt

This nice girl is going to molt in a few days, I think…


P.villosus oranje molt

And once again I missed a molt of Parabuthus villosus oranje morph
I could have filmed. … luck is not at my side at the moment

Vanila molting i6

1.1 H.j.salei morph