Every creature needs nutritious food. My scorpions mainly get shelfordella lateraris from the beginning, and the cockroaches need good food so that the scorpions have good food :-)
Here is my jelly recept which I have refined over time.


450 ml Baby carrotjuice
1 Banana
3-5 big spoons of honey *
Agar Agar
Fish food flakes
Korvimin (or alternative vitamin product)
Seaweed meal

* Honey depends on the juice you use. The result must be more sweet than sour, so you might use more or less honey.
To decide that, I taste my smoothie. (It is a little bit strange because of the fish flakes, but you will get used to it :-))


Mix the baby juice, banana, honey, agar agar and fish flakes in a smoothie maker or something else, and put the ´smoothie´in a pot on the cooker. Agar agar needs to cook minimum 2 minutes to get the gelantine quality. Of course you can use other gelantine product, I also tried this, but I was dissapointed with the results.


It needs to cool down now before adding the other components, because some vitamins lose their effect when the temperature is too high. I wait until the ´smoothie´ is about to become gelantin, and then it has to go fast: Add the korvimin and sea weed meal and fill it in whatever you like. I am using ice cube trays, and sometimes divers tiny things like bottle caps or similar things like shown in the first picture.


You can store the jelly in the fridge for 2-3 days, or you freeze it, like me, for longer durability.

Of course you can use different fruit juice or different fruit instead of banana, if you try, it would be great to share your experience with me.